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Terms Of Service :
Download this software and follow the steps mentioned in the video.
We'll not be responsible for any kind of hacking. If you hack someone's account we won't take any kind of responsibility for that.
We currently have stored more than 3 lacs most common used password and through this software we check each and every password within less than 5 mins. 
we don't provide the assiduity that it will hack every account so to increase the database password, we ask for any three guesses of password and we use them when anyone else execute this next time. This way our database for storing password gets on increasing. If you're unable to see someone's password then I would recommend to try this after a few days.
How To Use ! :
Step 1: Enter you Victims Email Address that they use to log in to their Facebook account. Click load Plugins Before you hack the email.

Step 2: After you successfully loaded your plugins select the options you would wish to use on the Facebook account.

Step 3: Click Start and Wait for the hack to steal the password and information from your victim.

Your Done!

Facebook Password Sniper is a facebook password hack tool made in JUNE, 2014. It was already used by thousands of different people to hack and recover many facebook accounts.
It uses a password cracking method known as Rainbow Tables along with some other secret methods that can't be shared with the public. Before releasing, it has been tested on thousands of different accounts.
Tests showed that it had a 99% success rate and the average hacking time per each account was 57 seconds. If you want to download this program you can do it by clicking on one of the links in the bottom of the page.

New version released 

As of June 2015, a new version of Facebook Password Sniper has been released. This version can be used on all operating systems. The old version of this tool is still working and is available for download from the bottom of this page.

If you get errors while using this tool, please update .NET Framework and check if you accidentally deleted the .dll file that comes with the download. If you have, just download it again and don’t delete anything.
Also, if you're not lucky and the account you want to hack is protected with a very long and strong password, then you might want to consider using a keylogger or a phisher to obtain access to that account. But, this really is extremely rare and you should be just fine by using only FPS.


Need Fore Speed Most Wanted Hack Tool For Android

Need For Speed Most Wanted for Android Cheat. 
 This video will show you how to Hack money and sp , Money and Cars in Need For Speed Most Wanted for Android.

Xbox Live Microsoft Points Generator

Do you want to buy something you could never afford?
Do you want to get those expansion packs that you can't buy?!?! 
Well check out this Microsoft Points Generator that was leaked directly from a Microsoft Employee! This Microsoft Points Generator uses a backdoor that was secretly installed before the employee in question had quit! This Microsoft Points Generator is updated everyday, and the exploit is constantly being maintained for security! Check out proof of this Microsoft Points Generator in the youtube video !!

This Microsoft Points Generator program works on Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 8 and Macintosh.


1) Click : Download Button
2) Extract the Folder on your Desktop
3) Run the Generator
4) Choose your option:
5) Click Generate
6) Copy The Key
7) Activate it !
9) Apply Updates if any needed

The Microsoft Points Generator has many uses:

-Giving a present to someone!
-Buying whatever you want!
-Selling the code for money!

I've given this program to many people on various forums.
Some people use them for themselves, while others simply sell the codes.
Think of your own creative way of using this never ending stream of codes!

Baseball Heroes Hack Tool

Get max 600 skill points added to your baseball heroes account free using this baseball heroes skill points hack  Get more skill points even when your character level is still low. No need to get into training just to have skill points! Just use the Baseball Heroes Skill Points Hack  and you'll get the max 600 skill points instantly!

Note: You can only add up to 200 Skill Points each using this hack tool minus the amount of skill points you already have. Skill Points from items are not counted.

Contact - 200 Skill Points ||
Power - 200 Skill Points || Total of 600 Skill Points!
Luck - 200 Skill Points ||

How to use:
1. Download Baseball Heroes Skill Points Hack 
2. Extract the .zip file
3. Run the application
4. Login to your facebook account
5. Input your desired number of Skill Points (max 200 points each)
6. Click "Add" button and wait until the application is done.
7. Login to your Baseball Heroes account in facebook or simply refresh the page to see the changes.
8. Enjoy your free Skill Points!

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Credits Generator

Today, our team has released a new version of the "FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Points Generator". 
This version is the most complete of all!
 We have implemented most innovations to prevent future patch from EA and we are happy to announce that the keygen works perfectly!

FIFA 14 Coin Generator

This FIFA 14 Coin Generator can be used on all the consoles like PS2 , PS3 , WII and XBOX 360 . Later the other versions will also be added in the same FIFA 14 Coin Generator tool with just a small update so you can update your FIFA 14 coins hack easily . FIFA 13 coins and FIFA 14 ut coins are very much useful in the game. FIFA coin are sold every where online and there were many FIFA coins pack for PS3 and FIFA 14 Coins XBOX360. But with this FIFA 14 coins hack you can get all the FIFA coins and points for free

Cube World Crack

Cube World  Crack uploaded by The Breaking Wolf (34.71 MB)

Basic language: English

Multi-player: (Unless you are using Hamachi, watch a tutorial on YouTube)

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